The Rev. Doyle Turner and the Rev. Charles House: How the only Episcopal-Presbyterian Church in Minnesota came about

Trinity Church, Park Rapids is the only recognized Episcopal-Presbyterian congregation in Minnesota.

In this video, Revs. Turner and House discuss how this unlikely denominational pairing came about, how the faith community navigates two sets of denominational expectations and polities, and how, perhaps, this unlikely church may be pointing to a greater truth about the future of denominational Christianity.

This video was shot at Trinity Church, Park Rapids, on February 15.


  1. Llewellyn Adams

    I could not play the vidio. Only saw picture

  2. What a wonderful testament to God’s Mission in the World. If only we could all think outside the box and work with what we have in common and not focus on what divides us. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Karin Arsan

    I really wanted to watch this but couldn’t get it to play.

  4. Dorothy Hunt

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I am from Trinity Episcopal Church, Litchfield, and for about 15 years now, we have partnered with the Methodist and Presbyterian churches here in town for joint services during Lent and on Thanksgiving Eve. During Lent, we meet on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm for a soup and sandwich supper and have a short service at 7:00. We’ve had many formats but the past few years we’ve used “monologues” to tell the story of Christ’s Passion from the point of view of ordinary people – for example, this year is the Artisans of Lent, last year was the women of Lent. We have developed fast friendships over the years, and particularly look forward to the fellowship each Lent. This year on Ash Wednesday, all congregations came to Trinity for our traditional Ash Wednesday service. I thought the most interesting thing about your video was that I couldn’t tell which one of you is the Episcopalian and which is the Presbyterian!!! The Park Rapids area is one of my favorite “up north” destinations, and I hope to visit your church sometime soon. Dorothy Hunt

  5. Kelly Houts

    Thank you so much for sending us this video and keeping us in touch with your thoughts, prayers and monthly newsletter. You are surely doing God’s work. We enjoy our summers at Park Rapids and especially look forward to Sunday morning to share our times together..
    Kelly Houts and Irene Bolton Sioux City,Iowa

  6. Betty Starkey

    Thank you for sharing this video. It was hard to hear Rev. Turner, so you might want to turn his mike up next time. We in the Presbytery of Northern Waters are proud of what you have accomplished and appreciate the fact that so many of you are active on both sides of the fence so to speak. I understand that the former Clerk of Session, Cheri Danielson is now supplying your pulpit and I’m sure it must feel like home to her. Our little church in Willow River partners with the Episcopal Church in Moose Lake for things and we will be sharing God Friday Services with them this year. Blessings to you, and Charlie, you don’t look any older than the rest of us.
    Betty Starkey

  7. Patrick Morley

    Another interesting story here. It is inspiring to hear that about a congregation that embraced and sought out a way to get their spiritual and communal needs met.

  8. Roger Grussing

    The 50 plus year old Consultation on Church Union is being fleshed out by you!
    Bishop McNary preached at my ordination at Central Presbyterian in St Paul 50 years ago.
    He surely is applauding you from the other side of the pearly gates!

    Your witness will be made far beyond Park Rapids.

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