Valerie Tutson: Stories are the breath of life

Valerie Tutson┬ábelieves that it’s in the sharing of our stories that we find true connection.

In this video she challenges Minnesota Episcopalians to reconsider “testimony” as an important – perhaps necessary – form of storytelling in our mainline, Protestant (and mostly white) faith communities.

Valerie Tutson has been telling stories in schools, churches, libraries, festivals and conferences since 1991. She draws her stories from around the world with an emphasis on African traditions. Her repertoire includes stories and songs she learned in her travels to South Africa, her experiences in West Africa, stories from African American history. In addition, she is gaining quite a reputation for her exciting retelling of age-old Bible stories.

She graduated from Brown University with a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts and a degree in a self-designed major-Storytelling As A Communications Art. Valerie most recently served as the co Director of the National Black Storytelling Festival in Providence, RI

Valerie was in Minnesota to participate in the pre-Lenten Clergy Retreat. This video was taken on February 15 at King’s House Retreat Center, Buffalo, MN.

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