Why Robin Needs a House

Through Mission Project 2012, Episcopalians are joining with EpiscoBuilders and the White Earth Nation to build a house on White Earth Reservation.

Robin and her family, which includes her partner and four children, will be helping with the project and moving into the completed home. Robin’s family was chosen because her name was at the top of the Tribe’s all-too-long housing list. Coincidentally, her father, Ed, is a member of the Episcopal Church in Ponsford.

In this video, Robin leads us through her current housing situation and her father, Ed, and the Tribal Chair of White Earth Nation, Erma Vizenor, explain why housing is so important on White Earth.

Your heart will be moved by the circumstances of this family – and by their resilience.

White Earth is an Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) Reservation created in 1867. It is the largest in the state, stretching across all of Mahnomen County, plus parts of Becker and Clearwater counties. The poverty rate on the White Earth Reservation is reported to be near 50%. The unemployment rate is reportedly near 25%. As a result, White Earth Reservation is classified as the poorest reservation in the State of Minnesota.

White Earth Reservation is home to 4 Episcopal Churches: St. Columba’s, White Earth; Breck Memorial Mission, Ponsford; Samuel Memorial Mission, Naytahwaush; and St. Philip’s, Rice Lake. It is also home to Enmegahbowh House Retreat Center. Find out more about the White Earth faith communities on the Department of Indian Work website.

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