Bishop Brian N. Prior’s Holy Week Reflection: Reaffirming our Commitment to Use God’s Gifts for Ministry

Bishop Brian N. Prior offers a short reflection on how we can make Holy Week 2012 especially meaningful.

If you have trouble with this video, please try watching it on our Vimeo channel.


  1. Dottie Hawthorne

    I was unable to view this . It froze up right after I clicked the arrow for the video to play.

  2. No sound on my computer; text below would be very helpful for me and for hearing impaired folk. Maybe if we ask often enough it will happen?

  3. Darlene Cross

    I too could not get it to play. It froze as soon as I clicked play

  4. Stephen Schaitberger

    Worked just fine for me

  5. Dennis Danforth

    I too had a problem with freezing and streaming.

  6. Barb Mathias

    It worked fine for me and I appreciated hearing Bishop Prior’s message.

  7. Bill MacNally

    It worked fine for mr. I appreciated hearing the Bishop’s words about all the Clergy recommitting themselves to God’s word and work here in Minnesota. It sets a great example for the lay people to examine our lives and commitments to what God is calling us to do during our journey on this earth.
    Bill MacNally

  8. Jeanne Rasmussen

    Couldn’t get it to play and I was unable to hear Bishop Prior.

  9. Mary Phelps

    The day we come together as clergy to reaffirm our ordination vows is a highlight of Holy Week for me too, no matter where I am or what I’m doing on my ministry journey. I read through my Sense of Call essay during Holy Week and affirm that, yes, this is all still true; these are the gifts and skills that called me to live out my baptismal vows as a priest in the church.
    I am energized and enriched evey time I gather with fellow clergy, and next Wednesday we will be standing together at the foot of the cross strengthening one another as we await the joy of Easter. I also look forward to “ordinary” time when we once again renew and grow in our understanding of Jesus’ teachings to be open, welcoming, hospitable and excepting of all people as we join our gifts with others enriching our communities, our diocese, and the church around the world.

  10. Patrick Morley

    Recommitting myself this Easter as I continue to search for employment. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Linda Amrein

    I also could not open it; screen turned totally black after clicking the white arrow. I think my work site often blocks some email contents that take up too much “space,” so attributed problem to that. I also would rather read text than take extra time to view a video. Text would allow printing it for future reading at home.

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